Alerts -- add timestamp

I like getting alerts for lightning and rain, but I frequently don’t see them immediately and don’t know when they occurred. When several alerts come, they can also fill up the notification bar rather quickly. I have two suggestions:

  1. Add to the alert text the time it occurred, either as a “day:hour:minute” or as a “x hours/minutes ago”. EDIT: I just noticed that this exists. EDIT2: Actually it only appears when there are so many that Android stacks them.
  2. Have new alerts replace old alerts in the notification bar. One slot for each type, that’s all we need.

Thanks for an awesome product!


Hello robot256

You talk about notification bar … on what system could help understand it better for the developpers.
And not sure this will be possible on all systems.


I am running Android 8.1.0. When I get notifications of emails, they say how long ago they occurred. For Smart Weather notifications, the age of the alert only appears when there are so many that Android stacks them. If there are only a few, there is no age or time shown on the alert. Here is an example of the latter, notice the age of the email but not the weather alerts:



Even just a time stamp would be fine, and preferred in my book.

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I agree. That would be nice to see in the notification tray.

In addition to a notification timestamp, it would be nice if the app would filter out old notifications. For Example, I just turned on my Galaxy Tab E and received 35 Smart Weather notifications! The system timestamps when it displays them so they all have the same time even though they are days to weeks old. If the notification had a date/time stamp the app could filter out the notifications which were more than a certain age.

+1 for time-stamps. I’m forever wondering what time they occurred.

Thar may not be possible. Alerts are sent from the servers to Apple and Google, which store them and attempt to push them to your registered devices.

I shortly upgraded my S7 from android 7 to android 8. I’m actually not 100% shure, but I thought on android 7 the timest!ps where there.
Can anybody confirm this ?

There must be a way to do so.even I’m not shure how. For example: the messenger tool Wire

(By the way the innovatives and trusted maessanger I know) has the ability to runnparallel on iOS, android, Win, Mac, and Out! if a browser session. And the messages are shown in all tuning clients almoust sychronly. When a message is read on PCmfor example the notifications on android and iOS vanish. Maybe a look tot he published sources at github could answer how they operate this…

That requires all users to install a third party application. I have no interest in doing si.

It’s logical to use the built-in functionality provided by Google and Apple.

I’m not shure about any third party software… I think there isn’t any used!

I only show this as an example for the a ability…
and a link to the source code to study, how they solved a similar issue…