Amusing fact or myth reincarnated dead air

amusing this might turn out to be but …

3 weeks ago we had a strong storm overhead and 12-14 hours of steady rainfall , my 2017 air was chirping away lightning all night however when i awoke the following morning it was dead and the weatherflow app relected that last update some hours ago . on inspection the battery compartment was damp and had traces of water around the terminal and 2 out 4 top of batteries we’re damp .

so did the obvious replace batteries nope dead
so left it to,dry out for a day nope still dead
next dismantled it and left it to,dry out on the south balcony for a day
nope still dead
next left it dry out on balcony for 8 days whilst i was away thankfully no rain :grin: but nope still,dead .

monday wife comes home from work apologizing for being late her colleague had dropped her phone in the bath over the weekend they went collect it from the repair shop on way home . here is the myth
the phone doctor has we call them as the official phone outlets are slow and expensive and always try to sell you another , here is he what he did removed the battery placed it a container of uncooked rice overnight aprox 12-14 hours next day he put battery in voila having tried a new battery before the rice was tried. i laughed …but had heard something like this years ago and never gave it any thought .

so yesterday tuesday out of shear boredom i placed the dismantled Air removed circuit from casing ,desoldered the two wires to the shiny brass looking contacts put into a container full of uncooked plain rice and this morning i inserted 4 batteries the same ones it died with and guess what voila it freaking works again now setup indoors upstairs hence the poor rssi

myth or just luck .


Most electronic repair folks would say to use isopropyl alcohol and a small brush, not the rice. Key is to displace the water before oxidation sets in. Use caution as not all components like liquids or brush stokes of any kind.

In the past I used a hydrofluorochloride based spray that did a fantastic job of cleaning circuit boards. One needed a well ventilated area but it was great.

because this device is used in an outdoor environment, I would expect the printed circuit board to be sprayed during manufacturing so water wouldn’t harm it. This spray probably isn’t perfect, so given enough water, the device will break down. You have however a good change of recovering it, provided the water didn’t cause a short circuit that might possibly damage the electronics for good.

what you expect and what you get are two different things anyway for the price of a packet rice im not going to complain just thought it was amusing it actually theoretically worked…:grin:

said i heard this before years ago found a google image note the type of phones image