[App] Change Font Colors

wanting to use a tablet for a wall mounted display. The current scheme is not so good for tablet viewing. Would be nice to have a black background and bolder white numbers. I have seen elsewhere more info on the main screen is proposed. That would be usable on a permanent display if those were implemented.

Give users the opportunity to change font color or font background color to yield a better contrast for different viewing options.

We merged your recent feature request with this older one, make sure to cast your vote!

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It’s not just for a tablet. Phones vary. Changing font color or all color schemes should be regardless of the hardware being used. It should be our choice to make the changes to suit our needs. Don’t forget that people can be color blind as well.

This feature request covers phones as well.

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The first suggestions reads " tablet for a wall mounted display" which is why I added other hardware such as phones. Read the posts first.

The same app runs on both so both have the same feature set. I wasn’t questioning why you mentioned phones, just informing you.