App Notifications


We have the app downloaded on 2 phone in our family. I want all notifications turned on, but want the other app on the other phone to not receive notifications. As I see it now, If I turn all notifications ON on my phone it does the same for the other pp on the other phone and vice versa if I turn them all off. Can the apps be programmed to be able to have separate preferences as far as notifications go so not all apps signed in to the same station have to have the same settings?

I doubt it. You can share the link to the station with the others. That is what I do and then I pin the link as an icon on the home screen.


On iOS you should be able to go in to the Settings app > Notifications > Tempest and turn notifications for the Tempest app on/off on a per device basis. I assume Android would have a similar option.


You can do as @TimB suggested but keep in mind that the other users are logged into your WeatherFlow account and could make changes to your station. That is one reason I share the public link.

@TimB I don’t know why I didn’t think of that. Thanks. And @gizmoev The other person logged in is a family member. I am not worried abut their access. Thank you all for your help on this question.