Ask About Weatherflow Handheld Smart Phone Weather Meter?

Where would I ask questions about the Weatherflow Handheld Smart Phone Weather Meter? Thanks!

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Now that I have my WeatherFlow Smart WX station up and working, and have seen the excellent quality of that product, I am interested in a portable unit…Could anyone here share their experiences with the Weatherflow Handheld Smart Phone Weather Meter (Bluetooth)? The only real criticism that I have seen in my research is that the unit may take quite a while to settle down to a stable reading if the case of the unit is in the direct sun…Any advice appreciated!

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I’ve had the direct plug in model for several years now and it works well. I mostly use it for windsurfing locations that don’t have an IWindsurf (WeatherFlow) anemometer, especially when it’s overcast and hard to read the wind on the water. My experience is it correlates well with actual wind levels and provides good repeatability. I would think the newer wireless model would have similar performance.


I’ve even used it for a “very unscientific” wind tunnel test for my early Sky.


@GaryFunk Just wondering can you connect these Bluetooth weather meters to your account so you can access them via the API? I do storm chasing in Australia and I would think it would be awesome if I could intergrate with a website and Facebook livestreaming so the viewers can see it! It’s an addon for me in the Kickstarter Backerkit for Tempest and wondering if it’s worth getting if I will be able to do this in the future. Thanks

The WeaterMeter data, once recorded and uploaded to WeatherFlow, is NOT available through the Tempest API. It IS available through their legacy system that powers SailFlow and their other sites.

However, I have developed with the WeatherMeter and can help you get something going that would do what you want… upload live WeatherMeter data to a site, etc.

I have a WeatherMeter and love it. I plan on utilizing a custom micro-network of them for sailing events in our area.

PM me and we can talk about your needs.