Battery panel missing time (resolved)

My Sky unit died. 21 hours ago. This reminded me of something I noticed earlier. The battery panel is missing the “21 hours ago” text in the upper right corner. Not exactly a first world problem, but someone might perform some copy&paste of some code to fix this.



@sunny As the official copy/paster, I was able to get that one fixed.


i guess something went wrong. The webversion now shows 1 day ago, which isn’t true. The graph tells me there is no data in the selected range. (at least no for the UV measurements which failed 3 weeks ago)

edit. Sorry @corrineb my brain was busy doing something else. Yes the uv sensor failed a long time ago, but the unit was indeed online just a day ago. All is fine now.

If the UV failed three weeks ago why does your image show 21 hours. And you reported your station died only 21 hours ago.