btstWx ~ WeatherBox

Having some issues with Google Play lately.

Will ping you when I have something for you to try.

Nice! I am 12 hours into my Tempest - does this run on Mac OS Sonoma 14.1.2?

Currently, No.
However, I am doing some major rework to the app, which should enable running on MacOS.
Thanks for the interest and keep watching this thread for more info.

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I downloaded it a few minutes ago on my MacBook Pro and it looks great!

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Unlisted on the Play store on either of my Galaxy S22+ (Android 14 with OneUI 6.0) or my Galaxy Tab A7 (Android 12 with OneUI 4.1).

If I go to the Play store on a PC then I can see it listed but it’s not available for install on any of my listed Android devices, including the two up above and a pile more.

You are correct… I have unlisted the app, in an effort to get the new version finalized and submitted.

Just downloaded btstWx on iPhone and also tried Android but unable to connect to my Tempest… keeps displaying loading… any known issues?
Thanks, Thomas

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It is working today!

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Stopped working here yesterday. Still down.

Will check it out once I’m back in the country.

The iOS app says locating position and does not load my weather station. It has been like this for the past 3 days.

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Checking it out now, thanks.

Thank you. Any update on the fix for the app to load beyond find location? It still does not load on an iOS device.

Hi… Also stopped working on Android. Any help is much appreciated!

It has been 15 days down here. An update from the developer would sure be welcome.

The issue with that version of the app is that I am using a developer access key to subscribe to the data coming from the WF servers.

The developer key used to have unlimited rights to access the data. WF changed their policy and restricted the data access that the developer key has.

I am working on a new version of the app which uses your Personal Access Token…which will enable a better, not-as-restricted experience for you.

I am developing this in my own personal time, and I have a day job. Without any help from anyone else, so please bear with me as we travel along on this adventure.


Thank you for the update.

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For anyone interested, please PM me if you want to participate in testing the updated smartphone app.


I can’t figure out how to PM you, but I’d like to participate please.

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To PM a user click on their username then tap the message button.