btstWx ~ WeatherBox

Both apps (btstWx and btstWx PRO) are available in Google Play and the App Store.

Runs on OSX, Android, iOS, Windows.

Grabs UDP data from the WF SWS and uploads to WF, WU and my Wx Server.
–used for connecting to Davis Instruments devices as well.

Has a companion app for iOS & Android for pulling Wx data down in ‘realtime’.


Ohhh, a 32 point wind direction. I like it.


Very Nice! Love to run it on the Mac if made available.


I may be convinced to get you a copy…
Do you need to upload to WF and/or WU?


Upload to WF and then to WU I handled by SmartWeather, but in the common phrases of my youth…Groovy man, I dig that display":grinning:

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any problems on high sierra ? may be tempted to run it on my spare mac mini thats collecting dust … nice job

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@mddiehl @Weather34
Are you running a single SWS setup? Only one Hub/Sky/Air combination?


Single setup for me here. Air, Hub and V2 Sky.

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Okie. I’ve got something for you to test… check your messages.


For those interested, I do have an OSX version of the Console ready…

Testing the Android and iOS version now.

Windows version just around the corner.

OSX and Android version are available.
Next up: iOS & Windows


One caveat… this only works “as expected” with ONE SWS setup (one Hub/Air/Sky combination).
Planning on adding additional code to handle multiple SWS setups and multiple sensors.



Hi Sam, just thought I’d comment that the display seems to be working fine here. The 10 minute integration on the graph seems to be working well.


@mddiehl Thanks for the feedback!


This would be great if I had Sky, the of the system that knows which way the wind is blowing. Still waiting and very disappointed.

Oh and BTW, Is the app available for download or purchase? If so where and how?


What operating system do you want to run it on?


I would like to run it on iOS and MacOS.


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The iOS Application is available for down load now and is FREE.

I’m not sure what your disappointed in regarding the development process. By its very nature creating something brand new which has never been done at this scale at such a low price point successfully ~ has never been done, ever.

By its very nature, hardware is HARD . . .

Unlike other crowd funded projects the Weather Flow company has been transparent and has communicated with the backers at each stage as to milestones and challenges.

They have been active in both forums from IndiGoGo and here.

The very fact a small minority of people can’t grasps and comprehend that this was an idea which had to be made into a reality and wasn’t a ready product like in a store. Simply amazes me at how lost some people truly are.

The idea and concept of crowd funding is to show case an idea in hopes that others see value in said idea. If so, they back it in hopes of getting a product / service first before the general public does. Its having the chance to offer your feedback that shapes a product so they can do better later down the line.

Its about the journey of the ups and downs, challenges, and what the community was able to accomplish together.

If you believed this was a ready made product ready to ship. You didn’t understand the concept and the whole idea of crowd funding. People actually want this fine company to release a POS product only to meet a dead line?!?!? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

If this was any other company (name who ever) they surely would have. But, the reality is the Weather Flow company isn’t a fly by night two guys in the basement living with their parents. This is a real company that has been in business for more than 15 years!

They have provided products and services which local, state, and federal Government agencies have used.


Because what they offer is real, reliable, and meets quality standards that everyone expects! Rome was not built in a day and certainly a complex multi sensor array such as the Air & Sky isn’t going to be done in months!

Nobody here including myself have more on the line then the Weather Flow company. :point_up:


Will get you something to test in the next day or so.

Where are you located? Country/State?


I just wanted to respond to your reply. I have supported crowdfunding projects for as there have been crowdfunding projects. I also hold Ph.D. In Electronic Engineering.

I have supported a significant number of projects through both Kickstarter and Indiegogo. I have received quite a few very interesting products. I also understand that there is no guarantee that after providing funding to a given project that anything will be forthcoming. But I have been burned by at least 5 campaigns. I suspect that least several of these campaigns turned out to be scams from the get go.

I have no such thoughts about the WeatherFlow campaign. I have the Hub and the Air Module. The folks at WeatherFlow have been very responsive to some communication issues that I have experienced with the Hub.

But, I still can express my disappointment that the Sky module is already a year late. I often think that some campaigns set unrealistic completion dates. Also, I am part of several campaigns that have gotten off track because of the Chinese New Year celebrations. I often wish that it was possible to get services at a similar cost in the U.S. or elsewhere. But that is a discussion for another day.

I am anxious to see your software, but it’s a bit hamstrung because of the lack information from Sky. I am located in Salt Lake City, Utah in the US.

Thank You

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has they say patience is a virtue and good things will come to those that wait .

if the sky was shippped out today in bulk then we would not be sitting here discussing your disappointment of no item received it would be the disappointment of other teething issues . many of us are week in week out are testing all the versions of the sky unit in the real,world of the diverse weather conditions around the world not in some test centre which does not always reflect real,world environments, installation options , restrictions and so on.

hang in there and i sympathize with your frustration but if all comes good you have the satisfaction also of having funded this successful product design .