Weather Display

Weather Display is designed to help you get the most from your weather station. It support a range of stations from all the major manufacturers and is stacked with features and options.

Features include real time, auto scale and history graphing, FTP transfer of weather data to your web page, pager and email notifications of extreme conditions, web download, Metar/ Synop emails, averages/extreme/climate/NOAA reports, web cam upload, grouped file uploads, FTP downloads, decoded metar download’s, APRS output (internet and direct com port as well) ,WAP, direct web cam capture, animated web cam images, weatherdials, weather voice, weather answer phone, use of Dallas 1 wire sensors (such as lightning counter, solar sensor, barometer sensor and extra temperature/humidity sensors with any weather station), use a Labjack to add extra temperature or humidity sensor to your existing weather station (USB), just to name a few.


One particularly cool feature of Weather-Display (particularly for observers in the U.S.) is the NOAA/NWS style Monthly Climatological Summary Report. As an NWS Cooperative observer, I need to report the daily data for the 24 hours ending at 0700 local time, but to compare against a nearby official airport weather station I need to see the daily data for the calendar day (ie: midnight to midnight). The Weather-Display NOAA Monthly report can be reconfigured at any time to show the daily data for the 24 hours ending at whatever hour you want. If I want calendar day, no problem, if I want the same monthly report but with the days ending at 0700, no problem. All I need to do is to change the day-end hour and the NOAA reports are rebuilt for that period. And changing the day-end hour applies to all previous months, too so you can look at any month with the same flexibility and change it back whenever you want to.


Thank you for the suggestion, quite an impressive dashboard.
Gary Liska

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How do I pull down data from weatherflow to weather display if my weather display was shut down?

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Go WD “Control Panel” “Data Logger” set the date that you want the data logger to go back to, turn the “extract data” switch on. OK it and restart WD. I shutdown my WeatherFlow WD every evening and when I restart it the next morning it retrieves all the data from when I shut it down. By changing the date in the data logger it will retrieve older data. Hope that helps. BTW I’ve been a 17 year user of WD - GREAT GREAT program with amazing support! :sunglasses:


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I think you can t retrieve data for a long period, because the hub has a small amount of memory to keep the data anyway I ve no clue how many records are kept in memory. More about this here Store variables on the Hub

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I just installed Weather display on a windows based system. This is probably a basic question and I’ve overlooked it. I have indoor temp and humidity being displayed even thought WF does not track them. Can I turn off the display of these items or does this mean I’ve configured something wrong?

Never mind the fifth time on that screen I found it :slight_smile:

Thought that was the case, as I’ve been working with Brian at WeatherDisplay on the Mac vers. as to backfilling the last 12 hrs of data from the Hub. Had a bug with very slow data backfill, but latest release fixes that problem, with a 12 hr backfill taking only 2 minutes or so.

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Hello @mddiehl

I am running WD 10.37 Mac299 and the backfill seems to work pretty well. Also the barometric pressure offset is now taken in to account on the backfilled data in the graphs. Are you running a different version?


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Dan, I did fix a bottleneck with the history data. so make sure you grab a new update


Will do. Thanks Brian!

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That’s the version I’m running now, the one released on March 29. The previous version was taking about 30 minutes for 12 hours of backfill data, Brian said he fixed that in 299. I’d like to migrate to the Mac version, as right now I’m just running the Windows vers. on a second Mac MIni under Bootcamp to send data to CWOP, but my preference is not to have to run 24/7. I think David said they’d add an app change to also send CWOP data as well as to the current WU. I find the Q.C. Graphs pretty useful.

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Just got mine up and running on Linux Debian Stretch with the latest WD build…running OK :+1:

Heres a screenshot for anyone thats interested Screenshot%20at%202018-08-25%2013-13-44

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Perfect. How do I get this? I heard you can get on an old kindle or tablet?

You can get it here:, but it is only for Windows, Mac, and Linux (I think), not a Kindle or tablet. Not every third party integration can be run on a tablet/Kindle - look through here to find the compatible ones: WeatherFlow Third-Party Applications Wiki

how do you do this? my computer restarted and I need
to download the history.

I have added MQTT support now to the software :slight_smile:
I have also added support to send your data to
e.g my data
Windy: Wind map & weather forecast


Hi @weather-display, Brian. Is windy available for the WD Linux version?