Build Error - Air base?

Hello -

I just received my Air/Sky/Hub set. The base of the Air does not appear to be right - I would have expected the threaded insert to line up with the round hole, not the “keyway” (which it does even line up with very well) - see the attached picture. Is this right?


Ouch. That one slipped by quality control.

Does anyone know if these are screwed together, or are they glued? I don’t want to break the thing I’ve waited so long to receive…

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Four screws under the label:


You can probably get away with just poking a phillips screwdriver through the label instead of removing the complete label like I did. I suspect that you can just turn the top half 180 degrees and put the screws back in to fix the problem on yours.

If you’d rather have a new part, I’m sure that the WF folks will gladly ship one out if you ask them through the support page…

Thanks for the quick response!

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