Coronavirus Map

Has everybody checked out the feature that Weather Underground added to their map
It has a selection for coronavirus which highlights counties in all states that shows how many confirmed cases and deaths from virus very nice little feature . Just unfortunate we have to have a map showing this.

Prayers for the unfortunate

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Ambient Weather added the same feature to their new Dashboard on Ambient Weather Net a few days back. Nice feature.

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And a private individual created this for New Zealand

Since many of us are either SWS Field Testers or Tempest Field Testers. . .we are involved in testing products for WeatherFlow. As a Tempest Field Tester. . . .I now have a very deep appreciation of “testing” and what is involved in the coronavirus testing methodologies. Tempest is just a small-scale item. . .but the medical testing needed for coronavirus is just more that my brain can absorb. I admire the medical professionals who are putting themselves at risk to save others and the researchers and testers who working non-stop to produce results which will benefit us all. A hardy Thanks to them all!


WeatherFlow. . . . PLEASE stay safe & Healthy — heed the words of officials; carry a lanyard around your neck (like I do!) with sanitizer and use it 8-10 times per hour if need be; wash-up even more than that. I know its’ probly tough in your work place. . .but try to not mingle with co-workers. Just got the grim updated numbers — Who would’ve ever thunk it. . .that this would happen to Humanity? Hope ALL of the WF employees are safe and sound. . . and hunkered down!