Crestron Automation System Integration

For those that have a Crestron Home Automation System I have published a module for integrating a Weatheflow smart weather station with a 3 Series Crestron automation processor on my github. You can find the code here:


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Unfortunately I do not receive any data from the Weatherflow Macro. Is there anything else I have to consider when programming in the Crestron CP3?

Most likely that driver needs to be updated to handle the Tempest.

You think? The last upload is only 2 months old…


I wrote the Crestron module. My username on the board has changed from jay.m.basen to cranbrook180.

The Crestron module has been fully upgraded to work with the Tempest.

The most common mistake people make when integrating the Crestron module is forgetting to setup a DNS server in the Crestron processor’s Ethernet settings using toolbox. Without a DNS server setting the processor can’t connect to the WeatherFlow cloud service to download data. If that doesn’t fix the problem please set the “Startup_Debug_Msg_Output” parameter on the module to “Error Log” and then post the messages that the module will write to the processors error log. I can then look at that and figure out what the problem is. However, my bet is that the issue will be resolved by adding a DNS server to the Ethernet settings.



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thanx for you reply.
dns is registered and the connection to the internet is working fine. Do I need the simpl sharp files for the simpl+ too?

You only need the WeatherFlowV2.clz file. It needs to be placed on your laptop where the Include path is set in the S+. If you post the information from the error log with the Startup_Debug_Message_Output set to Error Log then I can see what is happening. Thanks. Jay

att. the log files

error_logs.txt (12.9 KB)

Thanks @stephan.gisler

Couple of quick questions

  1. I just want to make sure you using the latest v2 version of the module that is found on my github -

  2. Do you have a tempest or the earlier air/sky weather station combination?

  3. The module is definitely receiving data from your station. Can you be more explicit in your description that you aren’t receiving any data. Do you have the string outputs of the module being sent to a make string permanent (MSP) symbol as is shown in the demo program? Do you get values showing up on the analog and digital outputs of the module?



ahh okay, now it seems to work. I did not sent it to the msp module
Thank you very much

Is it also possible to receive the data more frequently (for example every 5 seconds)?

I’m glad the only issue was not including an MSP symbol in your program.

The S# code could easily be modified to speed up how often it queries the WeatherFlow cloud service. However, there are a couple of issues.

  1. I’m not sure how often the cloud service actually receives data from the weather station so I don’t know if speeding this up is going to make a difference. If the code used the WeatherFlow UDP protocol to gather data directly from the weather station itself that would be very different. However, that isn’t the approach I took when writing the module

  2. In the WeatherFlow API documentation there are warnings about not calling the WeatherFlow API too often. I registered an API key and provided that with the app. So there are calls to the WeatherFlow API from every homeowner with a Crestron system and a WeatherFlow weather station using that key. If they come too often then WeatherFlow will cancel access for that key. If a user needs to speed up the data collection from the WeatherFlow station then they should obtain their own key before doing so. The S# source code is provided, is well commented, and can very easily be modified. This is why I included the API key as a parameter to the module that can easily be changed.



The Tempest sends data upstream every 60 seconds.

Thanks @GaryFunk. I appreciate that input. Now The only concern is whether speeding up when the module polls for data would run it afoul of the cloud service police since all the users of the crestron module share the same api key.

I would subscribe to the websocket if you don’t want to use UDP.

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Any chance your app can be modified to work with Crestron AV2? I did recompile the Simpl+ and edited the path for the CLZ file, but I get an unspecified error -

Compiling for 2-Series Control System: 'C:\ (omitted)'
Total Error(s): 0
Total Warning(s): 0
* Errors found: SIMPL Windows Symbol Definition not updated

Sorry but the code is all written in C# and that is only supported on 3-Series and 4-Series Crestron processors.


I have been using this Crestron module on my DIN AP3 for 1 year without encountering any problem.

For security reasons, I had to put SSL authentication on my controller. I now have no more data going back to the module.
Can SSL authentication block communication with my Weatherflow station?

A solution?

Thank you for your help:!


I am running the Crestron module on a CP4, with authentication enabled, without any issue. FYI - The module does use https for communications with the Weatherflow cloud. Not sure what could stop the module from working on your system. If you change the startup debug message output parameter to console and open a console window in toolbox you may see some useful information on the issue.

Fixed issue specifying dns static servers in DIN AP3 ethernet configuration