Data Backfill After Power Outage

Just a question - our power was out last night from just after 9 pm until about 3 am. We had a tornado watch during that time, some wind and lots of rain. My station 32427 just shows a gap and reported started again at about 12:45 am - shouldn’t the Tempest backfill that data once the hub has power again?

Cashing of the Tempest is +/- 90 minutes and it is rolling. If you look at your data, it came back at +/- 12h50 hence correlate to your 03h00 … it backfilled the latest 90 minutes but couldn’t do more.

Maybe think about a little power bank for the hub, that part can cache way more data. Do a search on forum, several have proposed options.


I have and use one of these: Hub Power Bank – WeatherFlow

Had power outage back in May. . .if not for the Hub Power Bank…all of my data would’ve been lost. The HPB backfilled the data that was collected during the power outage. When commercial power returned. . .the data was “seamless” in that there was not any evidence that power had ever gone out. I have 3 stations (2 Tempests and 1 original SmartWeatherStation) connected to my HPB.


thanks Eric and Storm_tracker - I’m ordering right now! I appreciate the supportive WeatherFlow community so much.


Thanks again - my new Hub Power Bank is in place now and I’m very happy. I hope the power stays on, but I know I’m covered even if it doesn’t.


When the internet returns, and the hub clears the cache so the WeatherFlow backend database is updated, will the backend fully update Weather Underground as well or does it just prevent a gap in data within the WF database?

I don’t know, but it seems that this is something you could easily test, by just disconnecting your router for 10 minutes (and don’t start weatherflow app during that period, otherwise it might use bluetooth connection). Let us know what happens.