Data Problem while changing battery

when you change battery on sky module, the sensor save false data (rain sensor).
is it possible to modify the data manually or get a function on the app for it to stop working while changing the battery
Thank you

It discussed here

And here


Those methods are really only useful for a new station setup.

I have actually been thinking of requesting this feature. While it may be a little more work to remove data from the WF database it may be relatively easy to have an advanced option in the app where any particular device could have its data ignored or at least not passed on to the WF servers until the user turns off the ignore data switch. The app could display an icon or indicator on every line of the device that is being ignored. Taping the icon could take the user to the place in the app to turn the data back on for that device.

Something like this would be really useful for battery changes. It would also be really useful for re-sighting the device, especially in the case of units like the one I have for my RV where it gets moved frequently.

What do you think @dsj?

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It has been requested several times over the last 12 months.

I missed it then. I only saw the requests to delete data after the fact not suspend recording of data.

For common customer it should be self restoring after a previous set period of minutes which have to be set before the transmission is disabled…

I like it! This is on the roadmap, but keeps slipping down the priority list. See [API] Suspend Data Capture for more details.