Delete "Rain" during SKY setup

When setting up your new SKY, you’ll likely trigger false rain due to vibrations during install. Never fear, there’s a neat little feature to clear that data from your archives. First make sure you have app version 2.0+. Then: App > Settings > Stations > [select station] > Manage Devices > [select your SKY] > Advanced > Delete Data.

This will permanently reset your device data…so be careful!


Can you delete select data periods? This would be awesome as I have re-positioned my unit, therefore I have inaccuracies.

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Hi @tim_lee. We’re actually working on a feature to select a certain time period to clear the data. It’s surprisingly complicated for database and Uex reasons. It’s on the roadmap, but not priority #1.


Awesome, thanks for the reply. Look forward to when it pushes out in the future. Cheers.

Was wondering about that delete option alright. My SKY is in a temp location until I can get access to it’s final installation spot. Would be a shame to delete all the historic SKY data.
Would it not be an easier option to tell the hub to ignore the SKY for a period, e.g. from the app, while the installation/relocation occurs and then go online again once install is complete as opposed to allow invalid data to accrue and then having to go back in time and delete it?


I’m in a similar situation with a temp location for the Sky. I’ll be permanently mounting it in a week or two.

My question is: If I clear the data when moving the Sky does this wipe out any data related to rain calibration and it just has to start over?


@coley.curtin Thanks for the idea. Will evaluate. Most new users won’t know to do this…which is why we have spec’d a feature to select and delete a specific time range. A temporary “ignore” function could also come in handy.

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Note to @WFmarketing, This “pause for maintenance” function was discussed in Beta App Feedback on 1-Feb-2018.


Seems I remember something…

I find myself wanting this too. To delete a part of the data history. Because it was on and recording but not in place and the data are bad. My use cae is simple, I just wants to delete all data prior to July 22 2018. Done. On July 21, I finalised the install and all prior data are spurious.

So is such a feature available yet? Soon?

This would be great to have for when changing batteries or relocating.

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@bernd.wechner Yes, you can delete all previous data from SKY and start fresh. We built this feature to get rid of all bogus data while you are setting up your station.

App > Settings > Stations > Select station > Manage devices > choose SKY > Advanced > Delete all data

Be careful, this is permanent. We understand the desire to select a specific time range and delete. To which we responded above:

Great. I think I’ll wait for your implementation of a time based period. Not a big drama deleting all and starting again, but nor is it a rush to delete the extraneous bad data. So I could go either way with ease, but am happy to wait for the feature.

As an aside, it would be awesome,if Weatherflow supported an out of the box local data store as well. I’m exploring weewx which seems popular, and going that route, and I don’t mind, in fact am happy to share my data on the cloud, but like many, I have a database engine already anyhow and a web server locally and I want ownership of my data as well, locally on site, and have it available without reliance on the internet or another service provider.

That would be a support nightmare as no two people want the same items or have the same ability.


I dunno - Davis has handled the (optional) dataloggers for decades now…

Let us not forget this product is aimed at the low end consumer.

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If you’re going weewx (I use it also next to other options), you can store in a sql database if you want. There is even a conversion script so you can migrate. Once in sql and you’re script savvy … easy enough to write requests for your needs from the weewx database.


Fun fact: WeatherFlow Professional Services uses a proprietary data-logger designed by our engineering staff which we use in our professional network stations. Our data-logger has multiple layers of redundancy and fail-safes and is literally THE system that the National Hurricane Center relies on when all other systems are down. As @GaryFunk implied, these are the domain of our $20K-100K installations. However, we can use our 20+yrs experience building better data logging in all of our technology.


What happens if I just unplug my Hub for the half hour or so that I’m on the roof installing the Sky?

If you unplug your HUB, the SKY will continue collecting data, then backfill the data to HUB once the HUB regains power.

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