Devices will not reconnect after power outages ~ 5hrs

Anyone have any advice on how to reconnect devices after a power outage without losing all my data. I’ve followed all the reconnection tips with no success.

I’m also getting a solid white light on my air device which I can’t seem to find any information on.

This won’t be the answer you are looking for, but after you solve the issue, you might want to consider the route I have taken.

I have my hub on one UPS and my router on another. Neither draws a lot of power so unless I have an extended power outage, most of mine are a minute or 2, neither goes dead. Since most of our power outages in the Pacific NW are wind related, I can still capture all the store related data.

@dsj David any idea here ???

Yeah…same for me. Thanks for the advice.

Your devices should automatically reconnect after a power outage, though it can take a while for data to backfill depending on how long the outage lasted. A white LED on the AIR is not normal, though. Looking at your station, everything seems to be connected and reporting - did the issue resolve itself?

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No the issue did not resolve itself and would not reconnect. I had to disconnect and reconnect which resulted in the loss of data.

The air was offline for about 10 hrs.

The sky unit was solid purple at first glance but then showed it was connected. I pushed the button on the back of the air unit and once depressed showed green, but when let go was white for 5 seconds…

Sorry for the loss of data - this behavior is obviously not normal and should be rare.

Are you saying that you had to go into the app, delete the devices from your station and then add them back?

Yes. Thats what I had to do. I tried everything else

Ok. Had you tried cycling the power on the Hub and/or devices before you unpaired and repaired them?

Yes. Multiple times.

Thanks. This is a puzzling case and we don’t have an explanation yet. We’re going to pull the debug logs for your unit and see if it tells us anything. Thanks for your help. Meanwhile, please let us know if the issue happens again!

Mine will it reconnect either after moving my hub by unplugging the hub and plugging back into another outlet.

It is $175 for a contractor to get on the roof

If the units will not repair it is a big issue

It I have to pay $175 to get on the roof to simply re-pair the device I will likely return it

Just to repeat my original suggestion. Connecting your HUB to a UPS should prevent this from happening, UPS will cost you less than a contractor.

This is definitely not the intended or typical behavior. Devices normally stay paired to the hub despite a power outage. Please open a support ticket at and one of our engineers will take a look at your data and help figure out what’s going on and how top correct it.

Mine eventually reconnected.

Both were in easy range and it was the sky that had the issue.

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