How to connect to other weather services like WOW (UK-metoffice) and


are there any manuals available on how to connect to weatherservices like WOW (UK-Metoffice) and

I’m having a hard time finding this out.

Hello Mauriche

this is not possible directly, you’ll have to use a third party system to forward the data. Several options : weewx or meteobridge znd I guess there are others.
Search in third party section already.

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This process needs to be made simpler, such as how we can connect to wunderground. trying to figure out how to connect to WOW with auto uploads does my head in and is not easy at all.

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As soon as the user understand how WeeWx works its easy… The best thing is that it’s very stable.

The ideal would be that all that services were integrated in the WF HUB… but… at least there are more options.

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That’s the equivalent of saying brain surgery is easy as soon as you learn how to do it. Some people dont have the time or capacity to try and figure out how to make it work.

can you provide a quick and simple way of setting up weewx?