Identify my IP and/or MAC Address

Hi - How can I find the MAC or IP address of my hub? I need to identify it on my wireless to assign a static IP address, but there are no devices that appear to be the unit by name. Thanks

@Greg - my hub shows up with a name of Weatherflow in my DHCP. The MAC address starts with b0:38:29 on mine.


That helped, thank you, all sync’ed up

It would definitely be helpful for WF to include the hub’s local IP address (as well as the external IP as seen from the WF side) in the station status screen.


Agree that the local IP address of the HUB should be shown (and probably the MAC address, too). But the public IP address may get you some objections on the data privacy side.


Since both public and private IP address are in email headers they have not been considered private in over 50 years.

However, I agree with Dan’s point. Show them in the phone applications since they require an email and password but not the web application.

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Good point Gary! I guess I was thinking that with the WF devices now you would be able to tie a physical location to an IP address and that some folks will probably object to that.

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I’d rather not make it any easier for people to find my IP address. :smile:

But no one should consider the location of a fixed object as personal or private information. Nor should they consider any aspect of Internet personal or private.

I should rephrase that. Any basic Internet protocol. All data that can prsonaly belong to only one individual should be protected. This purposely excludes a lot of data.

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I would assume that all of the above would only be available to the authenticated user via the app, not on the public data feed. Bad bad and exposing public or private IPs.

NOOooooo. We never assume anything which is why we give details of what we would like.


Each person should be able to review their own wifi settings/configuration in their own app, no need for it to be public

I’ve had to deal with some hacking on my wireless router and have reconfigured it to only allow connections from known MAC addresses. The problem I’m having right now is that I can’t seem to find the MAC address for my Hub. I’ve gone over the outside of the device with a magnifying glass and don’t see anything. Similarly I’ve been combing through the Android app and don’t see the data anywhere in there either.



the mac address is not mentioned anywhere.
Just open your network the time it connects (dhcp or fixed ip if you use routing table) most routers show now the mac so you can copy/paste it.
add it to your white list and then restrict access again

my hubs start with B0:38:29 for your reference

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Either, you may connect your PC/notebook directly to the hub. As it is a reasonable new one (<~5years, so it’s network device allows auto ) you should get the MAC address hence the arp - table.

Is the MAC address available over the Bluetooth interface in the smartphone apps? If not, I think that it is worth submitting as a feature request…


That’s a great idea and very useful.


Just about every computer I’ve ever seen has an “about this device” pick that shows the mac address and similar info. (for example - a Kindle has this)

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That was my thinking. Also, it would be great if the address showed up on WiFi setup page… as that’s where it would be the most helpful. :slight_smile:

Just need to be careful that you get the WiFi MAC address vs the Bluetooth MAC address, as they are almost certainly different.

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it should report all MAC addresses…