Need MAC Address for Wi-fi Connection

I had a single router for my smartweather station, and everything has been smoothly running since the field testing began 2 years ago.

Recently, my apartment complex switching internet to a “community Wifi network” with a router in our apartment, but we must log in through the community to add devices. As such, to allow my station to connect, I need the MAC address. Can someone advise?



make a small wifi network with a computer you have (laptop or other having wifi) and then retrieve it via terminal (search google how depending on your os) . There is no other way I know of to get your wifi mac address


I would be truly amazed if it was NOT available when connected to the Hub via Bluetooth…


It is available. However, when I access the resident log in via the smartweather app, it won’t connect because the HUB is not recognized as a trusted device. That is my issue in needing the MAC.

My daughter had a similar issue at her university. She could manually add a MAC to her “account” and it could connect but she was limited in the number she could have. I set up a router for her that connected to the university network on one side and used DHCP on the other side for her printers, and other items. She then just registered the MAC of the router and everything that connected to her local subnet had access. You may need to do something similar.

You could also setup a Raspberry Pi to do the same thing. I have one set up for my RV where my WF HUB connects to the RPi with an access point on one network and then hooks to other networks with another WiFi dongle. @GaryFunk has a nice script to set up a Raspberry Pi for such use over at: ArchiveSW - Display & Data Archive Storage.


@gizmoev has the correct idea. In fact, from a security stand point, I would never connect my network to a shared router. My advice is what @gizmoev recommended, especially if you have someone like me in your building as I would be snooping on every one of your devices. With your own router you have a better chance of keeping me from getting into your phones and computers.