Any thoughts on why Hub won't connect to wifi

The hub is 3’ from the router and I’ve even tried plugging it into the router. I’ve also tried the troubleshooting suggestions in the Tempest app. Help.

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First thing, you don’t plug the hub into a router but with the supplied adapter to your electricity power outlet

here is the full setup routine, it should be easy and in a few minutes you are up and running :slight_smile:

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I’ve tried all the suggestions in the troubleshooting section.

when you power the hub, does the led light up and what colour ?

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When I’m in the app, the color is blue. I am receiving information from the sensor, but both the hub and sensor are not connected to wifi. The hub does not connect and turn green. The sensor light is slow blinking green. When I"m not in the app the hub light is red.

It does see my home network, it just won’t connect to it.

delete your station in the app (swipe the name to get the delete option)
As long the hub is not correctly configured for wifi nothing will work. Better start from scratch again and first get the hub to see internet and only after that add the Tempest.

Now why can’t it connect to the 2.4Ghz wifi ? Do you have multi band ? If so do the different networks have unique names or the same, if the same better change it as for some unknown reason it distracts the hub. Same with guest networks, disable it while pairing hub to the network (later it seems not to disturb)

Did you give the password for your network ? Does it have weird characters ?? In some cases in the past that was a trouble maker. Also is you phone’s GPS actif since this is necessary during setup …

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usually in the app go to settings/stations

there normally shows your station, swipe left on its name to make the delete appear.

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