Won't connect to Wi-Fi

I cannot get my WeatherFlow to connect to wifi via iPhone. All I get is “WiFi setup failed, please try again. Error Code: 67”. I’ve restarted the app numerous times, restarted the iPhone, rebooted the router to no avail. I’ve rebooted the hub numerous times. Nothing works. The WeatherFlow hub is blue when I’m trying to set up wifi and after it fails, it turns red.

I cannot find any information, anywhere on what “Error Code: 67” means, nor can I find any information on how to get it connected to wifi, even when it’s sitting right next to the router with full strength.

search “tags:wi-fi”

Check the posts about SSID and 5 gHz.

I am using a 2.4 gHz connection. That doesn’t work either. Didn’t see any posts about this error code. Any suggestions on where I can find out what “Error Code: 67” means? Or how to get these to connect to wifi? I searched “tags:wifi” and there was nothing that answered this question.

What are the SSID names for each frequency used on your router?

Brooks 2.4 (for 2.4 gHz)
Brooks 2.4_EXT (for 2.4 gHz through an wifi extender)
Brooks 5G (for 5G access)
Brooks 5G_EXT (for 5G access through the wifi extender)

I tried to connect “manually” by typing in the SSID, but to no avail. Only trying using the 2.4 gHz option.

And should I see the WeatherFlow in the Bluetooth connections?

Do you have a different access point you could try? Even if you have a hot-spot option on your phone and another device to run the WF app to see if you can connect the hub to it as a test. There may be a compatibility issue or something. I know that neither of my hubs had issues with my Aruba industrial grade APs even with both 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz bands with the same SSID. Others, however, have had to separate theirs like you have yours.

Edit: Have you seen this topic?

I tried setting it up using my iPhone, iPad, computer, but all I get is “Error Code: 67” I rebooted the router, tried every SSID, tried to connect it manually, rebooted the WF hub. When I begin to go through the process, the light on the hub turns blue, but then when it fails to connect, it turns red.

Not too sure what other “access points” are. But I’ve tried each of the SSID’s to no avail.

Sure wish someone, somewhere knew what “Error Code: 67” means.

That is the SSID it will try to connect to. The Hub only has a 2.4gHz radio. Surely a space in the name should not be the issue but I have never tried a SSID with a space.

I don’t have any new ideas. Send an email to support@weatherflow.com and ask for help.

AHHHH: Error 67 means your hub didn’t receive a DHCP address from the Wi-Fi.

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It listed numerous SSID’s and I tried them all, but always got the same Error Code: 67. I even removed the space between “Brooks” and “2.4” but that didn’t help.

Not sure why the hub wouldn’t received a DHCP address from the wifi. I give up.

I’ve already packaged it all back and have asked for a return authorization. I have dozens of other devices and have never had issues connecting them to wifi networks. Maybe I’ll purchase the system, again, down the road when they’ve worked all the bugs out. This seems to be a common problem.

Thanks for your help!

@roger1 did you set up a hotspot with your iPhone or iPad and then use the other device to pair the hub with your hotspot? This would give you a different access point with its own DHCP to test out what @GaryFunk found.

It could very well be an issue on the router. It could be blocking the Hub or it could be all addresses in the NAT range are used.

At this point I give up. I have another weather station that took less than five minutes to set up and connect to the Internet. There were no issues. Dealing with router issues (which is running dozens of Internet enable devices in our house without any setup issues), setting up secondary hot spots, trying to get different access points, and all of the other ideas are pretty foreign to me. This should be an easy process rather than a convoluted way of trying to make it work.

I appreciate all of the help, but I’ve requested a return authorization for this gear.

Might the up range for available IP- adresses be exceeded ?
Take into account : there are router out there, which don’t release IPs properly when issued once. (The device could return any time…)
Then error 67: no IP via DHCP woukd make sense…

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