Hub has disconnected

My hub has suddenly disconnected. I have powered it off and back on. I get the BLE connection (blue light) for a few seconds before turning red. I am unable to get it to connect to wifi, I get error code 67 or a time out.

Start by rebooting your router, then reboot the hub.

I just did that and have the same outcome.

Error 67 means your hub didn’t receive a DHCP address from the WiFi router for some reason.

Move the hub closer to the router and try again.

it is literally sitting next to the router. less that an inch from it.

Check your router and see if it’s giving the Hub an iP address.

Other than moving the Hub, I have run out of suggestions.

Thank you for your help. I do appreciate it.

The only other option I can see it to reset the Hub and start over. But that’s a last resort.

I was having an issue with the HUB dropping wifi - and it led unfortunately to gaps in data (I know it should have backfilled)
Instead of making a guest wifi and putting the HUB on that, I left it on the original 2.4GHz and enabled 2 new SSIDs -one guest 2.4GHz and one main 5GHz (on the 5GHz, I am using my PC and laptop as well as my smartphone).
No problems anymore and the gaps/graphing errors are gone.

Apparently had an internet outage in the middle of last night…When I re-booted the Hub, it seemed to restore the prior day’s data…Here’s my question: When the Hub is re-booted (unplugged and plugged in again) does that interrupt and erase the “learning” of algorithms that the units have been doing since installation? Do they have to start their learning over? Thanks a lot…

To answer your question; No.

However, repowering the Hub will cause everything in the volatile memory to be list. As you observed when the Hub lost connection to the WeatherFlow servers, the data from the Air and Sky was stored in the Hub, then sent to WeatherFlow once the connection was restored.

I imagine the Hub established the connection before you rebooted the Hub. Had you disconnected power before the connection was restored all that data would have been lost.

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