WiFi setup not seeing my network

Weatherflow does not see my wireless network. It will only see my guest network, some neighbors and my printers. I have re-booted the the router with no luck. I would prefer to have Weatherflow on my network, rather than the guest network. Is there any way that I can get it going thru my wireless network rather than the guest network? I have a Synology Router RT2600ac.

Is your Wi-Fi 2 GHz or 5GHz?

Wifi is both 2 or 5. The guest wifi is the same.

Are the SIDs the same name on the 2 and 5 GHz Wi-Fi?

I had the same problem when I set up a 2.4 guest network. Weatherflow could only see the guest network so I deleted it and then it found our wireless network. Try deleting the guest and see what happens.

Here is what the problem was.

  1. I deleted the guest account and that did not work.
  2. My Synology router has a check box for “Smart Connect - Auto Selection” for the two bands. I turned that off and was able to connect to the network no problem.

I am using Weather Display with the “direct UDP from hub” box checked and I am receiving additional data about my hardware from the Crownweatherflow.exe program.

Thanks delgary11 for the suggestion.

It might be possible, activating your guest wifi, the SSID of your main wifi will be hidden. On already connected devices you will never notice, but new ones will only see the guest network.
Wich wifi providers, aka routers, are you using ?

Yup, band-steering, which causes headaches in a lot of consumer-grade wifi hardware with only 2.4 Ghz radios (like WF uses) when it believes for some reason that the consumer device has a 5 Ghz radio…

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Agreed - I turned that on in my Ubiquiti gear when I got that going 18+ months ago and lots of my legacy 2.4 GHz devices had all kinds of issues. Turned it off and life was good again.

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