Illuminated acrylic pole for sky

Of course I’m pretty proud with such a wonderful weather system. Thanks weatherflow!! This needs something to show it off, so I thought about mounting sky on a 2m long acrylic rod, and put some LED light at the bottom of the rod. Now I have two options, a massive rod, or a hollow tube. Which would be better to minimize the vibration issues? any opinions?


IIRC tubing (assuming reasonable wall thickness) is stronger than an equivalent rod.

Pick clear, then solid or hollow and then go from there. Pay attention to “For outdoor use” spec. 8*)

Clear cast acrylic is on the order of $12/ft for solid and $18/ft for hollow.
Of course, you might want frosted to distribute the light better…

Hollow tube filled with sand

that’s not really transparent, isn’t it ;-). Anyway somewhere in the picture topic you can find the end result. Look really, really great. And sofar there were no issues with vibrations at all, even though at high winds it is swinging.

How about a solid metal tube for mounting the SKY, plus an outer sleeve made from clear tubing, with the lights at the base of that? You could even use somewhat flexible tubing, and keep the costs way down,

It turns out that the swinging at high winds is not much of a problem, though it probably effects the measurements a bit.(a moving sensor in the wind will give a different value than a static one). I hope this averages out a bit.(on average the Sky unit is very stable :wink: ). So a metal rod inside isn’t really needed.
The metal rod also would make it less transparent. I really LOVE the way it looks. I choose this transparent rod for the looks, and was just hoping it would work without false rain events.