Its just a theory - station 5073 UK

After a year of rock solid performance my Sky has two sensors fail; wind and UV.
Over the last couple of weeks i noticed severe dips in the performance of the SPA and wondered why.

Given that I do not live in the extreme temperatures that some our fellow forum members do I could not understand why. Then this week under clear blue skies and frosty nights my sensors failed so I am trying to think of reasons why the performance altered.

A couple of months ago my american style fridge stopped producing ice and so I replaced the ice control motherboard for it to fail again. The reason being that at - 20 C condensation was building up on the board so this time i coated it with dialectic paste to ensure this did not happen again. And its been perfect.

So my theory is this:-
Given this week we have had beautiful warm days and sudden sharp drop evenings I am thinking there is a build up of condensation on the board within the Sky.

My other reason for thinking this is that when I reboot it sometimes the sensors kicks in for a second and then fail. Sometimes it says just the one sensor has failed, sometime both.

This makes me think the board is the issue and not exactly the sensors.

Not having seen the inside I may be completely wrong but can anyone confirm that the boards are covered in dialectic grease.

Appreciate your thoughts.

PS I have a ticket open with support.

Update - 27/03/19. Sky sensors started back up - it works, it does not work :). Does this add weight to condensation, Is there another reason ?
Does anyone have any pictures of how to split Sky?

Let’s start with what the battery card graph is showing, which is a tell-tale for a SPA degradation/failure???

Your sky is indeed a dying unit. You did well to open a ticket. Support will advice you most probably a reboot etc but from what I can see, it is just a matter of time it goes wacko again.

I can’t find the post but motherboards are getting a coating. If I can find it …

the dips on the SPA are not an issue. Battery level is a low priority process and from time to time it just skips a few measurements. We all see that happen from time to time. I seems to load correctly for now.

Thanks Gents for the replies; appreciated

Support advised that it was unlikely to be the SPA unit, Though my gut feeling is that it is degrading. I am certainly not getting the problems many others have had, probably due to the nice weather we have here in the UK in comparison :slight_smile:

The Sky has been rebooted a number of time last night and is currently back on battery power to prove its not the SPA.

I agree - it has always dropped the odd voltage level since I had it but no harm comes to the unit.


New Sky en-route from America.

You just cannot beat WeatherFlow support. I only wish all manufacturers operated in the way Weatherflow do. Superb