Lightning graph data interesting


I have owned the Tempest for about 1 month now and for the first time we had some thunderstorm activity nearby on Monday night.

I found the lightning chart (below) very interesting. It shows a rather strong storm from around 2AM to 3 AM that passed from around 15 to 20 miles to our north (closest strikes about 10 miles away) . This storm required a tornado warning around 2:15 AM. We got hit by heavy rain at 3 AM.

It also shows another (less heavy) storm which rolled through our location around 4:30AM to 4:45AM with nearby lightning strikes. We received another round of heavy rain… all totaled about 1.6" (cocorahs measured)

All of this was verified by radar and my personal observations (middle of the night).

Anyhow… I don’t have anything to complain about… just wanted to point out that I was impressed with the relative accuracy and presentation of the data.