Lite version of the Smart Weather app?

I would like a phone application that is not over bloated with graphing.

A lite version that is small and compact. I have no interest in graphs.

currently the app is only around 10M to install. It is a non-issue on modern phones.
(you don’t have to look at the graphs :wink: )

Not everyone has a modern phone. And let us not lose track of the target audience. Many (as evidenced by the field testers) want to use old tablets and phones that have otherwise been discarded.

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even a phone like a galaxy s3 had 16,32 or 64 GB of storage. 10 MB app could run on that, especially if you are talking about a phone that would otherwise be discarded and that doesn’t need to run a lot of other software. the S3 is already 6 years old.
The size of the app is a non-issue at the moment.

Can’t please everyone. If a user does not own a relatively modern smart phone, they are not in our primary target audience. Which is fine, there are lots of antiquated weather stations out there for those folks.

The current Smart Weather app is purposefully simple. We are avoiding the urge to overload it with a bunch of fancy weather stuff.

BTW – are you guys using the widgets? – quick load, lite weight, just the data.



There are widgets? I didn’t even know there were graphs till last month.

Running excitedly to grab the iPhone X from the charger…

Isn’t Gary rocking an Android phone? If so, the iOS widgets will probably not be of much use to him unless there’s an equivalent service in Android…

Android user - I think I have a relatively modern smart phone. Nice app. When’s it gonna be available for we folks who have the largest percentage of the phone os market ?

(ducks from Apple Fan Boy incoming responses)


Are those widgets only on iOS? are they available for android devices too?

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The closest equivalent to widgets on android is the “Show Ongoing Notification” option under settings -> stations -> station -> Show Ongoing Notification

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So, you’re equating owning an Android phone with Rosie? Ironically, she has been known to sell pictures that she doodles on her iPhone on Etsy…so even she has access to iOS widgets. :rofl:

My personal $0.02 is that the iOS widgets function suffers from the same type of “bloat” that you want to see avoided in the WF apps by calling for a “lite” version. Maybe it makes sense for those who use social media and stuff, but it is just another cluttered screen full of the same information that I can find elsewhere to me…

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Exactly. Knowing the weather at my house is not something I need or want to know so often that I need widgets on my phone.

As long as the weather is known to the applications that run the home automation all is well. If I want to watch something on my phone, it will be “King of the Hill” or “South Park.”


I like to use widgets on my LG V40. If they were available on the Android, that would be great. If someone doesn’t want to see their back garden weather, simply don’t apply the widget, but it shouldn’t mean that other users have to miss out.

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No true Android widget yet…but on the roadmap.


When that comes, PLEASE release a lite version of the application.

GaryFunk basically only needs to make sure that his station connects to his home automation system, he is not a very typical user. In fact Gary could probably uninstall the app after he registered his device once. Problem diverted. :slight_smile:
Most user probably are interested in the weather and they like to have a good and useful app for that.

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That’s not true at all. I am more aligned with the normal consumer. I want to know the basic information. I don’t need or want super accurate, expanded graphs and information that most of which I will never understand.

Most of all, I want the current hardware and firmware at a state that WeatherFlow will state is completely working as desired. I want the API and communications documents to be completed and up-to-date. There is so much, after two years, still not complete and yet we want and want and want new features.

Let’s all take half a step back and encourage WeatherFlow to complete the OLD features and documentation.


I don’t understand the point in this? What difference does it make to you if the ability to use widgets is added to the Android app? If you don’t like them, don’t add them to your home screens - problem solved!

And you want WF to make a lite app? lol

@GaryFunk’s argument is that the bloat of adding a metric crap-ton of new features to the existing apps is not a good idea, and he is requesting a simplified version also be offered so that people can simply get their new station online using the lowest common denominator Android device as you might find in remote corners of the world.

To answer your question, the difference is that the bloat is still in the binary…even if you do not enable the feature…


Nobody is asking for a “metric crap-ton” of new features.
What people (most people) do expect is a nice, friendly app that accurately shows people the data from the sensors in a way that they can easily understand. That does involve good graphs. Sometimes that does require options (like multiple ways to show the lightning). None of that creates an app that is bloated. It creates a good and useful app. But of course it shouldn’t become an app with so many settings/options that you need a course to operate it and Weatherflow is “avoiding the urge to overload”, so that’s unlikely going to happen.
Currently I think the app could use some improvements like showing more than 32 data point of a graph on screen (being worked on), or the zooming of the data.
Improving the app doesn’t necessarily make it bloated.
It’s unreasonable to expect a new product to run on very old devices. As weatherflow mentioned “If a user does not own a relatively modern smart phone, they are not in our primary target audience.”