Medicane event : watching it

perhaps the real upcoming test is approaching you …known as medicane in our part of the world…likely time it reaches istanbul it will have weakened however you may get full on effect… so an extremely good test and hardware survival test if it goes over you.stay safe though… expected saturday




5 active station in that region


this station seems interesting to follow the coming days as the models are absolutely not sure what will happen according a french weather geek site. It can go from very heavy winds to windy … seems models hesitate as this is a rather unique event.

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little update

This station is mine.
But as I wrote earlier, although nearby stations show about 38km/h, WF shows average 21km.
So, I don’t know what my WF station reports, are the correct conditions.

aveage is what it says, average

go in the graph and zoom to max, you see gusts over 45km/h yesterday …

and I think it would be interesting for WF (@WFmarketing @dsj ) to follow your station and those around to see how they behave when the weather will really be bad … and I hope just bad without injuries and to muckh broken glass.

I don’t think that Medicane will affect us. I am located north Crete and it will pass south as I read.
I 'll let you know when really bad conditions hit.

im sure you will feel something …


It would seem that my station in Dalyan, Turkey might well be in the direct path of Medicane. Sadly, I am sure there will be a power outage once it hits!

If you have some usb power bank you can use it to keep the hub recording. Once tjhe power and internet comes back it should backfill.

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thought you would have invested in a generator by now , i bought one after the 1st year of living here , we get power outages 3 times a week without weather anomalies… anyway are you still in dalyan ? my sister in laws live in bodrum literally on the sea front cliffs and they have gone into panic mode… anyway be a good test for the unit im sure it will hold up reasonably well . so i bookmarked your page for sunday (pazar) into monday (pazartesi) …orange dots represent out homes aprox … local state turkish meteorology just published…

yes @val right in the path according the model …@eric perhaps split into a new post medicane


I am safely back in the UK since Tuesday. We have regular power cuts in Turkey too, but rarely for long. A small USB UPS is on my shopping list to take with me when I go back in about a month.

hi val you buy can buy them locally here i. teknosa , media mkt ,vatan computers etc , i have one its good for 48 hrs just powers my weather station stuff i think i paid equivalent of 50£ if you convert the local currency quite hefty to carry may boost your luggage weight but there useful…

as for storm interesting i spoke to one of my sister inlaws there is warning going out on PA systens and according to local meteorology state its the first time they have issued a severe warning for that region of turkey … so hope you bolted down the shutters … we will see what happens late saturday into sunday … already apparent in parts of souther greece according to reports…

im in bodrum next month soon be my home town cant wait… take care mate…brian

Hi @dimitris19 . We hope you survive the incoming extreme weather without harm. A few notes on wind comparison … After studying wind in elaborate detail for over 20 years, we can tell you without hesitation that the wind values vary greatly pending location and siting. It is simply not rational to compare stations that are not located in exactly the same location (positioned at same height within a few meters apart). Further, the sonic anemometer in SKY is far more sensitive than traditional spinning cups and can measure the slightest changes in the wind. When compared side-by-side against spinning cup anemometer one will notice lower lulls (the spinning cups have inertia and over-report lulls) and more accurate instantaneous values in variable wind conditions. When averaged, this increase in sensitivity (and over-reporting due to inertia in spinning cups) can appear that the SKY is reporting lower — but in reality, the data is correct. Just things to keep in mind.

Stay safe.


Thank you for the reply.
I have not as much experience in weather conditions as you, but I am “crazy” about wind speed.
My favorite sport is kitesurfing and all the time, me and my friends care if the wind is strong enough to go to the beach. I can feel the speed of the wind.
I was at the location where I had installed WF and I felt that the 21km/h it was reporting was too less to what I was feeling. And the other nearby stations were reporting about 38km.
But I 'll do more tests the following days. Where I work we have a professional wind speed meter. I hope I can get it and compare it with WF.
And don’t worry about medicane.
I 'll try to be safe. :wink: I won’t go for kitesurfing if it’s more than 30knots :smiley:

@dimitris19 . Awesome! And we’re all wind crazy kitesurfers too! We built :wink:


this is the part i was dreading the flooding , i was in bodrum 3 years ago when i watched cars just floating down the streets … very old streets all vey narrow…


@val i hope your property in Dalyan is up to this …

If it will directly hit instead of landfalling in Greece, the hurricane can devastate the Turkish coasts from the provinces of İzmir to Antalya with some 125 kilograms of rainfall per square meter.

It will be the first hurricane in Turkeys modern history and only around a dozen of them have been recorded in the past centuries.

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@Weather34 I hope so too! But I guess thats what we have insurance for. Our pool guy has been round and put anything loose in to the garage and closed the couple of windows that we normally leave open. All we can do is wait and see. So long as there is no loss of life, everything else can be fixed or replaced.

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Looks like the track has moved north, good for me, not for others.