Multiple Phones on a single hub?

I got my Tempest installed and set up fine on my Nokia 7.1 (Android). Then my wife downloaded the iOS version for her phone and set it up for her. At that point, I lost my connection, but it still works for her.
I’m sure there’s an easy solution for this, but I didn’t see it anywhere. Can two phones be used on the same hub? If so, how please.

When your wife opened the app did she create her own account and set up the station? If so, that is why you lost the link to your phone. Either use the same account on both phones or have one use the web link you can get using the share icon.

The App is used to set up your station using bluetooth.
Once your station is working you do not need to use the App or bluetooth to see your weather.
So long as you have made your data ‘share publicly’ in the App, (which is the default) then anyone can use a web browser on their phone or computer to see your weather including the current readings, graphs and forecast.
I can not find where it is explained except for being mentioned under this title ’ What does the ‘Share Publicly’ setting entail?
on this page:

We need instructions for how to use the web page and I am not sure if some one has made instructions some where.
Personally I would change your station number where my station number is in this link:
Then click either the cloud icon or the Tempest icon and then a weather value to go into its graph.
If you are also logged into this forum on your browser then you will also have a settings option on your Tempest web page where you can burrow down and change settings and learn more details.
cheers Ian :slight_smile: