Need help adding my webcam image to my meteobridge

When i enter this text in my cam section in the external picture area were it says URL: it will not load anything current.

http://my ip adresss/cgi-bin/api.Snap&channel=0&rs=wuuPhkmUCeI9WG7C&user=admin&password=my password

I verified my IP address of the cam is correct

This is what i get when i click on the “cam INTERNET image” inside meteobridge. I don’ understand what i am doing wrong.

When i click on the + TEXT image all i get is na old cam image before i took it down a few months back. For some reason it will not load anything current. Camera is working viewing it on my phone.

What is the exact text i need to paste into the " external picture URL" section?

http://IP ADDRESS /cgi-bin/api.cgi?cmd=Snap&channel=0&rs=wuuPhkmUCeI9WG7C&useradmin&password=METEOBRIDGE PASSWORD

Yes to both in bold are correct but what about the rest?

Suggest you post this one to the meteobridge forum on as it has nothing to do with anything Weatherflow.

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Even better, Meteobridge had their own support forum the last time that I looked…

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