Need ideas from the MacGyvers out there

Sky currently attached to a pole. Would like to remove from the pole mount and reattach to the original Sky flat base elsewhere, using the screw-in of the original base.

But… I’ve lost the original screw-in base that came with Sky.

Seeking ideas from any MacGyvers out there who might have rigged up something similar…

Maybe someone near you might sell or donate it to you if not in use. And in worst case maybe ask support to buy one … can’t be that expensive :wink:

I don’t have any pictures handy, but my rain-detecting Sky is on my deck railing with a cast iron floor flange and pipe nipple from Home Depot…

Please verify the diameters in the store. I’m not 100% sure that I used 1" diameter. Oh, and pick up paint, since iron rusts quickly outdoors…

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That looks like and excellent idea. I wanted to mount it to the top of a tall wooden garden pyramid, but I’m sure I can adapt this.

Geez… if we pulled together the collective genius of this forum, we could put humans on planet Neptune !


Will look around although I think there are only 3 owners in my area.

… and I’m sure we could rig up a WF somehow for Neptune despite its super high winds :slight_smile:

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Good choice skipping a mission to Uranus with the shortages of toilet paper right now… :roll_of_toilet_paper: :rofl:


Lol. I picked the wrong planet. Yes indeed, there is a link between Uranus and toilet paper shortages :).


Take a look at these guys:
Nice looking pvc parts including base flange for mounting on top of fence post; even comes in colors. I got mine at home depot a few years ago.

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Thanks much. I could do short 1ft pvc tubing attached to one of those end caps .

That online parts store looks like it’s way too much fun. I’d never get anything done.