Nest Integrations

Hello all,

Anyone who has an interest in Nest integration is encouraged to express their support and make some feature requests. We’re listening!

We’d like to share some proposed ideas and possible interactions that were suggested by an extensive Nest user who also has other smart home devices as well as a Smart Weather station…

  • Allow Nest to access local actual pressure/temperature/wind/ UV fluence and use in it’s control logic, so that as it “learns” my homes response, it better predicts the heating/cooling needs
  1. Given that the Barometer is a predictor of storms, in winter that would be a start on heating earlier.

  2. A bonus would be to enable a “ventilation” module e.g. for evening/night cooling, if the air temperature outside was cooler than inside within bounds, and to stop when it no longer made sense. This would require a switch for a exhaust fan/louvers

  • Allow Nest to display as a “card” the Smartweather info from it’s app, to minimize apps/ screens I need to scroll through

  • When you release “Breathe” have it’s “quality” measure interact with Fan settings on my heat pump and exhaust, to circulate more/less air, if the interior air quality was worse/better than outdoor. So for example if the Air quality degrades due to smog, or smoke from a distant fire, close the louvers/shut off exhaust and go to recirc mode, or start the recirc and fire up the ionizer

  • Have the External temperature interact with my garage door opener, to (somehow) open it just 4" or so for ventilation when the circumstances are favorable, or run a small exhaust fan

  • Given Solar capability, the UV meter would be a good hint to using power to “pre-cool” while the sun is hitting the array, or alternatively let the temp float to avoid running AC when no solar.


I’m interested in the back end theory and code that will be used. I rely heavily on home automation but I don’t use cloud services.


I’d be very interested in a WeatherFlow/Nest integration! Especially the bullet point below:
* Allow Nest to display as a “card” the Smartweather info from it’s app, to minimize apps/ screens I need to scroll through

Ideally, my Nest thermostat would display the temperature (and other data) directly from my WeatherFlow station. I think that’s possible via WeatherUnderground at this point, but the ability to see more info, like wind speed and rain on the Nest thermostat would be awesome.


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Is anyone using the Tempest app on the Nest Hub? I don’t have any android devices but am considering purchasing the Nest Hub just for being able to see weather info without using my phone.

Where are we with this? it’s 2020 and I thought this would all be sorted out by now

The OP is no longer a registered user here. And I would guess Nest has no interest in making changes.

thats strange, I thought people with the products ask to integrate… for example I have a home security system I can ask my google home hub to show each camera on the screen…

Google Assist answering with my weather is a nice little “oh thats a novelty”, what about getting the app to open so I can check out the wind graphs etc?

Sort of like the android app, but for the Google Home Hub

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Just purchased a Tempest and though this looks like a dead thread, would be nice to be able to display the weather data on a Nest display. Or is this already available but I just don’t know how? I can cast my phone’s screen to a Nest display but that ties up my phone.

You can get Weatherflow data in your Google Assistant, but I’m not sure if it can be displayed on a Nest Hub without using something like Home Assistant.

Yes Vertigok, I can ask Weatherflow for the temperature etc. But I can’t get a display like what I can view on the website or the phone app on a Google Home display like Nest.

Can this be done? Allow Nest to display as a card the weatherflow Tempest information on the Hub screen?