Ecobee integration?

Any love for Ecobee owners? My Weatherflow just went online, I haven’t explored IFTTT possibilities yet.


Second vote for ecobee!


Ibump, issthis an option?

I also would support this integration.


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I have a Tempest on order, but home integration was a big reason I got it. I too have an Ecobee and direct integration would be great!

I have my Smart Weather Station connected to my automation system…The best method to accomplish this is with an RPi.

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I’d also be interested in integration with Ecobee.

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Have any of you made this request to Ecobee?


Thank you for the suggestion. I am running several automations from my Rpi using OpenHAB2. Could you give me a brief overview of what you use, and how WF integrates with it?

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Opens ecobee API manual

Looks like something else to add to the list of integrations for btstWx.


You’re right, but it would also be nice to have native integration from Ecobee and Weatherflow to allow people who don’t run their own Home automation system similar functions.

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True. However, it’s standard that the device wanting the data is the one that integrates with the device that has the data.


The Ecobee has a current weather icon with temperature from some cloud source on its main screen, just begging for an option to use PWS data on that display… :thinking:


your not going to get anything out of ecobee my experience with them is takes a day or 2 to answer each email and they never did fix my furnace filter reminder , their servers are overloaded when weather gets real bad data is either slow as snot or gets knocked off line

Somebody at ecobee must read this I got a furnace filter reminder on the 9th first one I have had in several months

Someone at Ecobee sent me a furnace filter reminder a few weeks ago, along with a sequence of spams hawking a filter subscription service. My Ecobee is connected to a baseboard hot water heating system, so both the filter reminder and subscription service are a joke…

I have a geothermal ground source heat pumps forced air with hot water heater, total electric so when it gets really cold I have the thermostat set to stage in 5 k of electric heat at a time according to outside temp 20 degrees, and rate of temperature climb so nice features just crappy service.

That’s interesting as I thought you had to setup the filter reminder, maybe its turned on by default.
I know I changed the reminder period on mine.

Ecobee told me that they don’t write integrations, and that it’s up to other companies. Their support is atrocious, and they actively lie on their support pages. They say that your weather information comes from multiple sources and is customized for your address, but they actually just take the nearest weather station to you (which in my case is ~1800’ lower in elevation and usually ~10º off). I’ve had this confirmed by two different support personnel.


+1 on this. I bought it for the Rachio integration but adding it to Ecobee, even if it was through SmartThings, would be a good thing as far as I am concerned.