Netatmo joins the Legrand group

Today, we can announce that Netatmo is joining the Legrand group!
This is the logical continuation of a relationship which began in 2015 and, in the 3 years since, has permitted us to develop many solutions for the smart home alongside Legrand, notably the “Céliane with Netatmo”, ranges which have been sold successfully in the past year.
Founded in 2011 , Netatmo designs smart products for a safer and more comfortable home. Netatmo also co-develops smart solutions with world leaders in construction through our “with Netatmo” program, integrating smart solutions with the current infrastructure of homes.

Okay… and …?


They’re not at all a weather company. Not sure what they will do with it. Iot maybe …

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I see it more as another clueless company trying to profit from mass amount of crap flooding the home control market.


Don’t shoot the messenger! :scream: :stuck_out_tongue:

Not shooting any messengers (today) but why do we WF users ‘care’ about either Netatmo or Legrand ? Never heard of either.

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Since there was no message from you no shots are being fired at your direction. :smile:

Netatmo was a start up a few years back that rapidly expanded with several modules and are in the same market segment as WF. This is more a European success story that ended with his buyout by a big electric devices company.

I want to see a headline that reads, “Blitzortnung partners with WeatherFlow!”