Netro Smart Garden Watering System

I noticed the other day that my Netro Smart Garden Watering System also supports “Weather Flow PWS” including Tempest as a Weather Provider. Netro sells a few devices like a sprinkler controller, smart garden hose valves (solar and battery), and soil sensors.

I didn’t see this integration listed on the tempest forum so I thought I would note it here. It says that it will sync 9 days of forecast and 1 day of history from Weatherflow. Alternatively it could already sync 7 days of forecast and 7 days of history from Wunderground PWS, which is how I had previously linked my Tempest. I’m not sure if it would be better to get more history or more forecast by syncing it with one or the other, or if there are any other advantages to a more direct link, but it has been working fine with Weatherflow for a couple weeks now modifying my water schedule appropriately. However the weather and rain amounts displayed in the Netro app do not line up with my tempest’s data exactly, though it is pretty close, so I’m not sure what it is doing with the data exactly.

Netro has not made any announcements about this integration either, although I don’t think it was present last year. I’m curious if anyone else uses this integration?


One additional note is that there does not seem to be any way to remove or change the link to a Weatherflow Station once established, in case that is a concern for anyone. Here are some screenshots of the linking process:


UPDATE: I’ve determined that you can revoke API access from the tempest web site under data authorizations, Netro will then allow you to recreate the link.

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