New installation and first impressions

Got my Tempest today. I’m an over zealous researcher on anything I purchase, I’ve been wanting and looking for weather stations for years(high end) and finally decided it was time. After narrowing it down to Davis, Acurite, Ambient, or Tempest and expecting to pay $500-$700 I obviously decided on Tempest.
I love how easy it was to get up and running. I purchased the recommended schedule 80 pvc, expensive and hard to find around here. I filled it with sand for stability and mounted it on my roof approx 6’ above roof surface, flat roof home. Used three metal u brackets and screwed into a raised portion on the roof. I’m still a bit concerned about vibration issues but guess time will tell if this is an issue.
After being up for a couple hours it was charged to 100%.
An issue I see is for some reason it is showing 22min of rain today and yesterday. No rain around here for weeks. I sent this info to customer service awaiting a reply.
Following the faq’s I was easily able to get up on WU.
I love all the information provided and not worrying about changing batteries or moving parts.
Now hoping the extreme desert temps won’t kill the exterior

of this.
Looking forward to seeing all the info I’ll get once the monsoons hit here.

Update: due to the pole movement I sandwiched the pvc between two 2X4’s no more movement issues.


the rain is detected by the sound of it (vibrations detected by a piezo element). You might have created a lot of false rain detection when you installed it. Sometimes birds sitting in top of the unit can trigger that aswell.
Enjoy your tempest.


If you notice your Tempest being used as a perch, this might be a handy addition: Bird Deterrent Accessory – WeatherFlow

I’m familiar with what your saying however why would it show a rain duration the day before it was installed?

because you touched it while it was on, or perhaps the exact date wasn’t set yet. Forget about it. there is a reset to delete all the rain and start over. (in the advanced device settings… delete all data)

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Ok deleted all data, no real loss since it’s been under 24hrs. Will see how things go from here.