New Product: Bird Deterrent Accessory

Clorox has a basic ingredient of Sodium Hypochlorite. That should help you find what you need.

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You asked for a link and I forgot to provide one. Here is link to what I use.

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Just an update. About a month ago I installed the AmbientWeather metal strap crown on my Tempest. Today I noticed that the crown had slipped off the dome. Suspect this was due to a combination of the funnel shape of the Tempest dome and the expansion/contraction cycle due to normal day/night temp swings.

I hard ordered this just before the WeatherFlow band was released, so I will likely replace with the WeatherFlow band.

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I installed my bird deterrent accessory on 8/13. So far no false rain from birds.

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And as a followup, I’ve installed the “official” Tempest bird Deterrent. Very pleased with how it looks and hoping things will be much quieter next spring when the birds are most active.


I have the new bird deterrent accessory installed on a Tempest and do notice some strange effects on the light/UV sensor, presumably from shadows and reflections from the spikes:


Here’s the chart from a SKY at the same location without the BDA:


The cliff a little after 9AM is due to shading from a tree that occurs early in the day.

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I think I must have an owl using the spikes as a back-scratcher. The last 3 mornings I found the assembly pushed down into the wind tunnel :frowning:

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I think you have to set-up a wildlife camera to observe :thinking:
I would like to see the video how this is done. :smile:

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:rofl: yep i was wondering about smaller birds. perhaps longer spikes so they overlap would be a solution?

When I replaced my roof 10 years or so ago I attached a model of a mopoke(southern boobook), a common owl here in Australia onto the TV pole. It stopped the birds(seagulls, indian mynas, sparrows, and pigeons etc.) from perching on the TV antenna and crapping on my roof. Being 8 to 10 meters from the Sky it also keeps the birds from that as well. There is a resident mopoke on my neighbours property which, when birds realise that it isn’t a real mopoke and ignore it, end up as mopoke tucker.


Unfortunately, it seems our cockatoo’s are too smart for the Bird Deterrent.

Mine has been installed since new (~ 4 months).

I walked past it the last week (ground level, it’s installed on Tv Antenna post on peak of roof) and found the rubber ring from the deterrent on the ground below.

It had ZERO spikes left in it.

So the cockatoos managed to pull out all the spikes, then pull off the ring itself and throw it on the ground.

Will need something better than this one


but where are the spikes? perhaps superglue them into place. (without the ring?)

The spikes have all disappeared, I did not see any of them lying around on the ground, so the birds must have taken them away or spread them around.

I have had this installed for several weeks. Birds are able to land in the middle of the spikes…additionally, the thing will occasionally pop off and fly several feet from the device. The spikes need to be MUCH longer and bent inward at a better angle to stab the pesky birds that are determined to defecate on my Tempest.

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they can be bent inwards by rotating them. If the angle itself doesn’t suit your type of birds, put the pins in a vice and bent them to your liking. at least that is what I would do.

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This one taunts me daily


I’ve not seen the same issue on our BDA, but I’ve pondered what I’d do if I did and the best I’ve come up with is to rotate four of the spikes 180 degrees and tie fishing line between each of the two pairs. But now that I’m looking at your photo, it appears that the bend in the spike is too low to create a fishing-line deterrent within the Deterrent. Maybe a vinyl cap on each of those spikes would provide a decent anchor for the short lengths of fishing line. Fortunately, this is all hypothetical for our Tempest; sorry you have to actually deal with it, @geeteedan :frowning:

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Maybe use a Dremel with a narrow cut-off wheel to grind a notch near the tip of the spikes and use that to hold the fishing line. The spikes are stainless steel, so if you don’t get them too hot at the point you grind the notch, rust won’t be an issue.

Ooh, great idea, @gizmoev! Thanks!

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If you don’t have neighbors that mind gunshot type noise, a propane cannon works. More high tech, try AgriLaser.

Other than poop, birds really aren’t an issue, the rain sensor isn’t accurate so I wouldn’t worry about false alerts. Besides most of the units aren’t mounted correctly producing erroneous results (ex. no Nor’easter has dropped 85" of rain! EVER!) :wink: