Temporarily Turn Off Tempest

I will be adding the optional Bird Deterrent to my station. Would like to turn it off for a few minutes while I install the spikes. Reason being, I don’t want any false readings like rain it it accidently bump the wrong thing. Any way to do this? Unplug hub?? Turn off station?? Maybe both??? Or what do you recommend for those that have already done this?


turn off hub, turn off station, install bird deterrent, turn on station and carefully put it back in place, turn on hub.
But apparently you already have false rain readings from birds, so who cares :wink: (other wise there is no need to install the bird deterrent option, and I recommend not doing so if you don’t need it, as it can cast shadows over the UV/brightness sensor)

I just installed the station today. So no birds yet. My other station (non-Tempest) has them on and it does a great job. Not that worried about UV Brightness reading. Thanks for the reply.

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The Tempest does take a moment to boot up so if you are quick you can mount it without false rain from vibrations. Just remember to do as @sunny says and turn off the hub first. This way, any false rain the Tempest records won’t make it to the hub and will be lost when the Tempest is turned off. Since you just installed the Tempest today you could just install the BDA and re-mount the tempest then do a Delete Data in the app after wards. This will make it look like it was just installed at the time of the Delete Data with no prior history.


I will install the bird deterrent when it arrives in the mail. May take a week to receive. So I don’t want to delete my data. So I will unplug hub and station for a few minutes for the install. Thanks for the info.