Preventive steps to keep large birds from damaging a new tempest?

In the past umpteen years I have lost more than a handful of weather stations because of owls and hawks! I got in on the tempest kickstart deal and want to protect this one from being sat on & s**t on. Somewhere in my trying to learn as much about the tempest as I could since I got in on the kickstart, I ran across Post someplace about a “crown” that you could put on top of the tempest to keep birds off the top. If anyone knows anything about the crown or something like it please let me know. TY in Advance! (I live on 10 acres in SE WA)

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I used zip ties and bamboo skewers to make a crown for my Sky unit.


The design of the Tempest may prevent this common Sky solution from working without effecting the false-rain isolation.

I recall reading someplace in the Tempest literature that WF intended to offer optional bird spikes for the Tempest that attached to a lower point on the housing, but I can’t find it at the moment…

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what do they have for (yecccch) slugs ? I notice that the horizonal slots in the top seem to be attractive to some of the local rainy season salt-adverse critters that appear around here. So gross.

Somehow, that makes my -30C winter temps feel great compared to having to deal with your problem. Yechhh for sure :slight_smile:

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I asked this question to the creators. They said they’ll be offering something that we can buy prior to shipping that can be attached to keep birds off


Here dsj referenced it again crown of thorns sounds like they will be looking for field testers . I hunted for hours last night and could not find his first post about this.
Rehashed a lot of post though

I deleted post with link as I did not know if everyone should or could access it

How about adding 3 x 14ga holes on top so we can properly attach bird spikes instead of ZipTies?

We’re planning to produce a “crown-o-thorns” attachment for those who need bird spikes. We’ll be looking for field testers soon! Posted by dsj


I need the crown of thorns option and look forward to a chance to field test it. My Sky is currently in easy reach to test and adjust things.

First couple of weeks was fine, now the birds have discovered it and I get false alerts all day along. Thank God for Rain Check. Support said they are due to come out with bird spikes soon. Hopefully not too far off. I’ve had to unpair it from my Rachio (via Weather Underground) for now, as it kept thinking there was no need to water the grass.


Anyone think this screw in style Bird Banisher would work?

I was thinking about screwing it in towards the top of my pole the TEMPEST is mounted to. I wonder if more than one would be required?

as long it doesn’t ‘knock’ on the Tempest, it might trigger false rain.

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I have been using this amazon “Mylar Flash Ribon” to keep the birds out of my fruit trees & grape vines for four years and they work great. When I put them out this spring I got to thinking about using it on my 30 foot lodgepole rig that I have fixed to accommodate my tempest (which is now out of order & will be for a few weeks due to a knee surgery I had 2 days before it just quit transmitting. I did fix an attachment to put on the lodgepole about 10’ from the top to see if it would keep the birds off. So far I have seen only one bird on the mast in 2 weeks. The one bird on the mast was when there was no wind at all, the mylar ribbon was just hanging straight down. I have observed many many birds flying around the mast but at a good distance. Being 10’ down from the tempest it should not interfere with normal operation of the tempest.

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Maybe this is a bit late, but …

I just received my Tempest and was wondering the same thing. The location in which I plan to mount it is a favorite bird perching point.

It seems that the Tempest people have heard us and have released an official anti-bird accessory. (See link below.) It’s relatively inexpensive, but I live in Canada so the shipping costs more than the accessory.

What you see here is only 2 weeks worth of bird damage. I have had to clean the Tempest pretty much every couple of weeks since installing it on a post above my chimney in May where it became a favorite perch for a family of 3 Northern Mockingbirds. I just saw that the long promised crown to keep birds from perching is finally available. I’m ordering it right now! I only wish it had been available sooner, before the bird damage to my unit and its hydrophobic coating had occurred.