New Product: Bird Deterrent Accessory

you should have gone for the electrified one :wink:

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I’ve had mine installed for almost a year now and it’s been reasonably effective. Not noticing any birds roosting. The only problem I’ve seen is that it has slipped down blocking the wind passage on at least one occasion. Unless you are monitoring the (lack of) wind data or closely inspecting the station, it’s easy to overlook.


I’ve had the same problem. mine is constantly slipping down and even has fallen off completely and blocked the wind tunnel. I’ve used strong double sided to tape but it is only marginally effective. They need to make a UV stabilised version of this so it doesnt degrade in the sun. I live in Australia and the sun here destroys everything quickly unless it is uv stabilised.

You could try using some silicone sealant to stop it from slipping down

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I hadnt thought of that but that would work better than double sided tape. thanks!

Just don’t get any in the GAP. Typical silicone is caustic to electronics so be careful.


This issue was pushed up yesterday to manufacturing. They’ll have a look at what is possible (guess all is possible but at what cost … )


Thank you @eric. This is the response I was looking for, rather than the one I received from lodging a support ticket.

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A spinning pipe mount could kill two birds with one stone! Sorry for the pun!
First, when the wind readings get out of whack due to rain droplets, a quick spin slings them off.
Second, a bird detected perching would quickly be dealt with by a slower spin.
Both events when triggered would pause readings to prevent false events from being recorded.

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I’ll have whatever you’re smokin’

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Birds will push the rubber band down and off of the installation point. The metal spikes will then be angled and birds will continue to perch. The rubber band must be GLUED to the mount point with a non-water-based glue.

Have not had a problem my BDA (BirdDeterrentAccessory). It is silicone-based material and even kinda difficult to “stretch” over the top-cap of either WFSKY or Tempest. I have lots of song birds in my area and have never seen them trying to land on top of WFSKY (located on the roof) or any of my 3 Tempest devices in the backyard. Footnote: I don’t think anything should ever be “glued” to any part of a Tempest device.

No it shouldn’t be glued for sure!
The bird deterrent is an afterthought with obvious flaws.
A better way would be to have lobes as part of the top plastic dome in which bird spikes could be inserted. Even better if said lobes had 316SS threaded inserts in which the spikes screwed into.

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If properly installed per instructions, would the bird deterrent accessory have any effect on wind or rain measurement? Our yard is a bird super-highway, so I installed one, but if accuracy of any sensor is impacted, I need to know. Thanks everyone for any info.

It’s very unlikely to have any impact on wind or rainfall measurements. You may sporadically see dips in solar radiation if the spikes cast a shadow across the solar sensor


I haven’t had the need for the spikes as the birds dont seem to interfere with it in Australia thankfully.

i would have needed them some years ago, but more recently birds are not a problem anymore (perhaps they don’t land on it anymore, or the false rain detection got better)

In Newcastle Australia Cockatoos and magpies destroy my bird spikes

that’s sad, but i had to laugh anyway. sorry.