New unit, sensor to hub connectivity issues

Just got my tempest ~2 weeks ago. Even though my hub & device are only 200’ apart, with a good (mid-70’s) signal strength, I still lose connection quite often. Only solution is to power cycle the sensor device. Rural area, so unlikely to be caused by any kind of interference. I have opened a support ticket, but no solution yet.
I’m just curious, how common is this issue?

Try rotating the hub a little at a time. If you have the original white hub, the antenna is on the left when viewing the LED. Point that side toward the sensor.

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that’s still a rather long distance, with probably some material in between. If you can, move the hub closer, or just a different location.

There is a window in between, and a tree. That’s all. Can’t really move closer unless I build a floating pontoon in the pond, or mount on the house (will all the associated downsides of less accurate wind & temperature readings).
Advertised range in 1000’, and my signal strength is good, so surely this isn’t the sole reason for the connectivity drops?

can’t you move it sideways so the tree is less of a problem?

Potentially, yes. Do you think the tree has an impact on signal strength? Once it stops raining, maybe I’ll try that temporarily at first, see what happens to signal strength.

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yes tree are well know for being good at blocking various radio signals.

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…especially when the leaves are wet!