Orbit B-hyve and PWSWeather.com feed

I don’t yet own a WeatherFlow system, but am breathing hard when I look at their products.

I am wondering if anyone has had success connecting an Orbit B-hyve irrigation (sprinkler) system to their WeatherFlow station.

Orbit’s default location settings find a recognized commercial or government weather station close to your home location and uses that to factor in rain, temperature, humidity and wind for running your sprinklers. In my case, the closest weather station was 17 miles away and reports weather that is quite a bit different from what I get.

I was able to tweak the Orbit app’s settings to be able to select a Personal Weather Station closer to me - it connects to a private AmbientWeather station that someone has in their back yard and which reports its information to PWSWeather.com. The fellow has an Ambient Weather WS 2902A station.

I could live like this, but would love to have a reason to connect my own weather station to my irrigation system. Can/Does WeatherFlow upload data to PWSWeather? Anyone done it?

There are a whole plethora of third-party apps that can upload to various services besides WU. WeeWX has support to upload just about anywhere, and rumor has it that there is a WF UDP station driver that works pretty well. :blush:

If the sprinkler system supports IFTTT, that may be an easy way to integrate the two…

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Sure, I do that via weewx and my VP2 but not with my weewx WF, although it could if I ever bothered to set up a second PWS site.

That rumored WF UDP driver is nice and stable. What a guy !


I just purchased a Orbit B-hyve irrigation controller. I would like to somehow get the Orbit B-hyve to talk to my Tempest WF system. Specifically to NOT water the lawn if it has rained in the last 12-24 hours.
I would appreciate any tutorials you can point me to that would accomplish this.

I’ve done this, but have had to use WeeWX on a Raspberry Pi to take the data from the Tempest and upload to PWSWeather.com. The integration does work very well, and WeeWX is easy to setup.


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