Photos of Sky and Installation

Hi @khart123 . Welcome, and thanks for being a WeatherFlow customer. :sunglasses:

Regarding the need to mount your SKY way up on the roof… actually, it is not imperative that users mount their SKY up in some scary or HOA non-compliant location. Sure, if you can access a location free of physical obstructions that impact the wind fetch you will get cleaner wind readings. And yes, there are meteorological standards for professional installation sites for government networks. But, let’s be real here, this is your home, your data, your choice to mount your SKY wherever you feel comfortable.

At WeatherFlow we’ve been measuring wind for over 20 years. (We got so good at it that folks like the US Navy, Dept of Homeland Security, and the America’s Cup hire us as special wind consultants.) To do it correctly is a highly involved process that combines excellent siting (that can take months of scouting locations) in addition to quality equipment. You’ve got the quality equipment, but your siting is limited to your house and yard. Most likely, even if you mounted your SKY exactly 10 meters off the ground (WMO standard for surface winds), your wind speed measurements would still suffer due to your surroundings.

So, our advice is: don’t worry about it too much. Wind is the one parameter that is extremely difficult to normalize from a home installation. You should optimize the siting of your SKY for personal utility rather than to meet difficult government standards.