Piconsole starts up now minimize screen

every time i start piconsole as of late it now starts as a minimize screen instead of full screen. Nothing has changed. I then have to close out the minimized weather screen then it will auto load into the full screen. Any help on a fix is appreciated

Are you starting the console with wfpiconsole start from the terminal, or are you using the autostart functionality?

It’s been using the Autostart function on bullseye

OK, can you try running wfpiconsole autostart-disable in a terminal, reboot the Pi, and then run wfpiconsole autostart-enable. Let’s see if something that simple fixes it.

Can you confirm - when you say ‘minimize screen’, do you mean nothing is displayed on the Pi desktop but you see the console is running in the taskbar, or the console window is not starting in full screen mode as you would expect? A picture might be useful if you can share

i did what you said with no luck still does it. If i close out the minimized the full screen will come on

The window displays on the screen it just is not full screen. The full screen is turned on in the settings. This just started as of recent