Power save mode not working?

Hi all,

I’ve got this weird problem. I’ve activated power save mode for Sky, but I still see windspeed being sampled every 3 seconds in the app.

I already restarted the HUB, but still the app shows windspeed sampling every 3 seconds.

Turn it off. Wait a couple of minutes and run it in again.

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Gary, you mean the HUB?

No. Power save mode. And be sure to press SAVE when you back out of the screen.

I tried it, but still the windspeed is sampled every 3 seconds.

What is your Station ID?

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Gary, after rebooting the HUB and waiting 10 mins, the sampling time is now 15 secs.

Thanks for helping me out!

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It does take time for the change to take. Normally it should be less than two minutes (I think).

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