Wind Updates with Power Save

How can I tell if the power save mode is actually working? I’ve enabled it and restarted the hub but when looking at the wind card it appears to be updating every few seconds.


this topic gives the details on power save mode of the Sky

You change sampling from every 3 seconds to every 15 seconds … yes the wind will continue to change speed and direction on the page, just a little less often pro minute.

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Is it every 3 seconds or every 15 seconds?

I looks like it’s updating every 3 seconds.

Either it did not update or it’s not working.

toggle it off and on again.

just set mine into power save mode via the website and … same it is still updating every 3 seconds …

set it via the app on my iPhone and it went into powersave mode (but when I go 1 step back after the toggle I get a save button that I don’t get on the webpage)

@anon84912554 something broke under the hood ?

@tisawyer maybe us the phone app till this is fixed I’d say

edit : just tested it again, and now it works … server load high and it takes a few before the change is taken into account ? (server has to send the request back to our device … ??)


I just tested it and it is working. It takes several seconds, I suspect the command has to be send to the Hub, which then won’t take affect until the Sky wakes up and gets the command, then it might not be until the next time the Sky wakes up and sends the Sky Observation. So, I think it can take up to two minutes before one sees the change.

@dsj Please correct the statements that are incorrect.

I toggled it on and off again and let is sit over night. It seems ok now. I thought I did that before on the phone. This time from the web. Seems like this setting is a bit flakey. Anyway, it seems ok now.


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After changing the power save mode setting, make sure to wait a few minutes for the changes to be applied from the WF servers -> HUB -> SKY. While 3sec /15 sec rapid fire wind data is reported instantly, the commands between the nodes occur only every 1 minute.


May I ask how exactly is the wind measured (not reported) when in ‘power save’ mode?
I have the Sky mounted side by side to a Davis and it reads the wind comparably.
Does the Sky sample the wind only every 15 seconds or does it only report the wind every 15 seconds?

The Sky takes a reading every 3 or 15 seconds depending on which you selected. It will report the data with every reading.