Question regarding AIR placement and orientation

Sorry if this has been addressed. I’m sure it has but I found some conflicting answers. I just moved my AIR station because I noticed at a certain time of day it gets a bit of direct sunshine. This would eventually be a non-issue as Winter approaches here in the Northern hemisphere. Decided to move it to a place that never gets any sun any time of year.

It’s on the due North end of our house, high up under an eve. I don’t think it will get very wet (except maybe severe blowing rain), but even if it did isn’t it fairly insulated? Which leads to my next question. The sensor opening that has the “no sun” marking: it should face due North, yes? That is, to the open air in my installation instance? This is what I was confused about. WeatherFlow emblem out, or sensor opening? Or does it matter?


Chris Anderson

I don’t remember the Air caring about N/S orientation. For example - we’re generally told to turn it 90 degrees if we get false lightning detection.


@ksp1138 good question. You’d think having the ventilation opening facing outwards you might get slightly more air circulation through the opening. However, the immediate location of the device - on the side of the house - is much more influential on the readings you will acquire.

Thanks. I guess I am good because the AIR is lock and step with several other nearby stations with regard to temp, humidity, and pressure. No rain or lightning since I came online! CG