Rain Rate Toggle

Something I would like to see in the WeatherFlow app is the ability to toggle the description so that instead of “heavy” it will show the rate/hr of the rain. Perhaps a setting feature that simply allows the user to choose if the verbal descriptions are used vs the hourly rate would be a simple way to implement this? I have to say I love the support and feedback from the WeatherFlow staff here and look forward to seeing additional updates, features and products :slight_smile:


Agree with you, the rate/hr would be more scientific and accurate
to more vague ‘moderate’ heavy’. Always easier said than done of course.

Rain rate is a strange measurement. Some prefer the actual amount, some prefer the derived metric and some prefer a word describing to rain.

I prefer the actual amount. It takes me one minute to drink one beer in one hour. I don’t want this described as drinking at a rate of 60 points an hour.

Most, if not all rain radars convert dBZ to either millimetres per hour or inches per hour, in the form of coloured reflectivity. That is a meteorological standard.

Whenever there’s heavy/torrential rain here and I record a high rain rate from my Davis station, I like to check the radar reflectivity 10 minutes later to see if it matches up with my millimetres per hour setting - which it usually does.

As I always say, it’s better to have options rather than pleasing some, and displeasing others.


Yeah I agree, having the option to toggle the rain rate could be a simple settings switch to flip. That way those who prefer the word method like heavy rain can have that view and others who prefer the rate per hour can enjoy it that way!

Indeed, station operators (and users) should be able to choose. :unamused:

For example, this morning, my area got some rain, at times heavy rain and at other time light rain. Unfortunately, WeatherFlow’s reporting of rain was really poor. When the rain was really heavy (ie: 12.2 mm/hr on my Davis Vantage Pro2 console), WeatherFlow was reporting ‘moderate’ rain. And, when the rain was lighter (ie: 1.2 mm/hr on my Davis Vantage Pro2 console), WeatherFlow was reporting no rain.

So, for this morning (at 07:15), my Davis Vantage Pro2 console reports 16.8 mm of rain whereas WeatherFlow reports 24.8 mm of rain!

Just want to bump this thread. It would be easy for WF to add a toggle somewhere in the settings to allow us to go back to actual rain rate data, like we used to have. Rain rates are measured in in/hr or mm/hr (normalized for the short time period of measurement. i.e. if it rains 0.01" in 1 minute, this is a rain rate of 0.60"/hr). The main reason I bought the WF station is to get this kind of accurate, high-precision data from the haptic rain sensor in real time.

The way rain rates are currently being plotted on the rain graph is terribly wrong.

After reading through some more threads, it seems WF is planning to address this soon.


Yes, and it’s getting “sooner” now that RainCheck is out there. Thanks for the bump - this should happen in the next couple weeks.


Have I missed it? A year ago, you said we could toggle ‘rain rate’ data soon. My Tempest gives me ‘words’ for rate rate that are NOT accurate. .30 in/hr is HEAVY rain. No that’s light to moderate rain at best. In thunderstorm country like Tennessee, rain rates vary widely in every storm… and the ‘words’ WF uses today are not even close to actual rain rates. They are all exaggerated. VERY LIGHT is wind, LIGHT is a mist MODERATE is Light, HEAVY is moderate and VERY HEAVY is heavy. Since my Tempest reports rain rate in inches to WU, why can’t it report that to me?

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