Total rain in Weatherflow app different than Meteobridge

Hi all,
I’ve got a Weatherflow Sky & Air, using a TP-Link 3020 Meteobridge. I had some rain today. The interesting is that the Weatherflow app states 4.5mm rain total, while on Meteobridge I only get 1.2mm total. I’ve already asked that question in the meteobridge forum and was referred to here :frowning:

How can that difference be explained? Any one an idea? Thanks. See screenshots.

something is wrong here. take the first two bars, that’s one hour of rain (give or take some artifacts from zooming to this level), but if it rains for one hour at a rate of 20 mm per hour, you should have collected 20 mm of rain already. What is your station id?

edit: apparently the graph changed (for the worse) and doesn’t show accurate rain rates anymore. Cast your vote here Change in graphing rain rate if you prefer a better graph.

Hi, thanks for the reply. My ID is 4844.


I just saw this post after I had created one of my own. I am having the same issues with my Weatherflow precipitation data being different than that shown in MesoWest (CWOP). Hopefully someone can figure this out.

When I zoom in on your station (unfortunately I cannot zoom in to the highest level) the graph seems at least to make sense of you look at the rate during the first hour of rain, it almost matches the accumulated rain. Our is calculated at the server, I guess there is a mistake in the rate when zooming out. It still doesn’t explain the difference with your other measurements. You might want to measure the old fashioned way.

Take some high glass, wait for rain. After the rain is gone, measure the amount of water, and multiply that by the ratio between the surface area of the opening of your glass and one square meter.

edit: see comment above or Change in graphing rain rate

Thanks Sunny, I can try to do that although we have currently a drought in Sydney/Australia… will take a while… but shouldn’t Meteobridge and Weatherflow report the same numbers as I thought Meteobridge will pick up the signals from the Hub and just relays the data… sorry, still a bit new in this area.

Yes I think it should, but I’m not sure eighter

I am having the same issue. The rain being reported to meteobridge, and then passed to WU and my website does not agree with WF. I am away from home for another week so unable to investigate fully

My site

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There is definitely an issue with rainfall data via meteobridge and as of one day ago it is being investigated by Wim (at the Meteobridge forum).
One solution -yes not very elegant but it is quick and easy at least for display purposes on your template etc is take the rain data recorded by your Weatherflow and use the live data edit fields in Meteobridge to feed that to your template/page -I used it to add in the monthly rainfall data from my WF and annual rainfall data from the local area just to fill in the Monthly and Yearly fields in the almanac. If using the Weather34 MB template, just use the stationcron manual update in the settings tab to send the data immediately.

ive been liaising with Wim on the sidelines about this and possibly can get a fix in place permanently may be this week depends on Boris and how busy he is…keep an ear or eye open…



Thanks mate, absolutely will do .

Great news!
Just found out that the fix has been applied to the latest Meteobridge FW release, thanks Brian, Wim and Boris.
Reboot your MB hub and should be all good to go 2018-09-29