RainBird Integration

Is it possible to link the Sky directly to the RainBird system?


I too would like to know if this is possible.

We don’t currently offer a native integration with RainBird and I’m not aware of any #owners:integrations that do either. How would you see the SKY integrating with their system?

The current solution would be to use IFTTT as both RainBird and Smart Weather Station use the service.

Thanks for the response

Basically, I would like the Sky to inform the RainBird system of any rainfall, so that RainBird could vary the amount of water used. So, if we have had rainfall, reduce the irrigation time.


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Thanks, Dave. We are keen on adding as many integrations as possible. As far as I know, RainBird doesn’t offer a way to integrate rain data from a weather station yet. If you know otherwise, please pass along the info!

I don’t think RainBird has an IFTTT integration yet either.

It seems RainBird indeed does not have it’s own. It turns out the ones I found use third party devices to control the unit. RainBird has a decent API and any current third-party application could easily add RainBird integration.


My landscaping contractor has installed a rainbird irrigation controller. Is there an integration yet to rainbird to tempest? Thanks!

A direct integration not by my knowledge. It is to them to use our API’s to integrate the data.